Monday, December 12, 2011

Obagi NuDerm Week 1-Notes & Pics from Day 8

Monday, December 5, 2011
Day 1:  I stared the Obagi NuDerm this evening after I saw my Doctor.  Lots of steps, 6 I think!  Excited.

Day 2:  Haven't notice anything really different.

Day 3: Face looking tight and dry.  Almost like exaggerated wrinkles uner eyes.  Starting to get dry by end of day.

Day 4:  Definitely DRY!  Starting to flake around mouth and chin.

Day 5:  More dryness and flaking around chin, mouth area, under eyes.  I met with the clinical esthetician at Kaiser Cosmetic Services today and learned some good detailed info about Obagi and how to use it.  Eye area seems extra dry and wrinkled looking.  This is the first day I'm feeling self conscious like people are going to wonder why the heck my face is flaking off.  Went to a party.  Nobody seemed to notice except for when I told them what I was doing.  I can't keep a secret...guess I'll just blog about it.
Notes from appt:
*She said I would look worse before I started looking better!  (Yikes, and I am paying for this result?!).  She said I will actually look like I am aging.  (GREAT!)
*I am still using the Cleocin (topical antibiotic) day and night with my Obagi.  Only using the Retin A 1% and Blender at night.
*She also told me the reason I'm so dry and flakey around my mouth and chin vs my forehead or cheeks is because we use our mouth muscles more than our cheeks etc.
*She also said to be very careful not to get the Retin A and Blender to close to the corners of the mouth, nose folds or ear lobe.  Those areas can get red and crack!  Ouch.  So I take a q-tip or cotton ball with water and wipe those areas after I apply my creams.

**Also, DO NOT use lotions or toners or exfoliants or wash cloths to rub off this flaking skin.  The Obagi is doing what it's supposed to do, which is to increase cellular turnover and heal from within.  This means all this stuff has to come out and flake off!  That's a pretty BASIC explanation.  Read this for more info.

Day 6:  More flaking.  Worked out early in morning so just cleansed and toned and added the Kaiser clinical esthetician told me that the products need to be on the face for 4 hours to really do what they are supposed to do.  So if you know you are going to exercise and sweat alot in the morning don't waste the products and put all of them on.  Put them on after you exercise.  Noticed today that the afternoon is the most uncomfortable.  Red and hot and itchy...oh and not to mention flakey!  People don't really seem to notice unless they are within close proximity or they know me really well to wonder what is up with my flakey face.

Day 7:  More dry flaking.  Skin actually looks better after I wash and tone first thing in the morning.  I think the cleanser washes away some of the flakes.  Honestly I am starting to see that my melasama is lightening up!!  This better be worth it!  I am trying to pat the creams into my skin rather than rub them in because dry white flakes with cream = yucky mess.  Went for a run this afternoon and face got SUPER red for rest of day and eve.  I made sure to apply extra sunscreen before run.  Sore, irritated but not unbearable...

Day 8 PM Pic
lots of flaking on cheeks
Day 8 AM side view
Melasama under eyes
 improving already.
Day 8 AM front view
Skin tone staring to even out.
Red like a sunburn.
Monday, December 12, 2011
Day 8:  After a few days off, I'm back to being in public, going to work etc.  Put on a little mineral powder this morn to combat the red sunburned look.  The clinical esthetician recommended mineral powders for foundation.  Skin in morning looking better!  See pics.  But by mid afternoon my skin was super flakey again. Couldn't wait to cleanse in the eve.  Using the Clear, Step 3, Hydroquinon, was ouch!  Stings.  Oh, and my face is itchy as is my neck.  I try not to scratch it.  **Click on pics to see them larger.

Reminder:  here's my before pic.
Just 8 days ago.

The Beginning-Obagi NuDerm System-Back Story to My Journey

Summer 2007 with my fist daughter.
 Hardly EVER wore foundation then.
In the last few years my skin has changed, and not for the better.  :(  I was one of those kids, teenagers and adults who never thought much about my skin and never really needed too.  So now it's my turn, I guess.
Please don't judge me too hard because I know that overall my skin is okay, but I want to go back to better than okay!  And I really want to even out my complexion as it was.  My husband does NOT understand this at all. Also, I am writing this blog and posting some unattractive pics of myself because when I did a Google search to find other people's experiences with Obagi NeDerm & pics, there was very little out there.  Of course, everyone's skin is different and will react differently but this is my experience.

Summer 2009-no makeup pic.
(These are hard to find!)
Starting to see melsama under eyes.
After having my first daughter 4 1/2 years ago I noticed my first "age spot" right under my right eye.  Nothing really came of it until after the birth of my second daughter who is now 2 1/2.  About a year ago I started noticing alot more hyperpigmentation under both of my eyes and I started to get acne on my forehead-signs of sun damage, hormone changes and just getting older.  After trying to battle this with every over the counter cleanser, lightener and concealer I decided to take my probs to my general doctor.  I was sick of having to wear SO much concealer, foundation and powder.
Dec. 2010-no makeup.
Really starting to wonder what was up with my skin.

First I got a prescription for Cleocin which is a topical antibiotic cream that cleared up my acne almost instantly.  Some scaring was left though.  I use this daily.  I was also prescribed a low dose Tretinoin (Retin A) for my hyperpigmentation aka melasma under my eyes.  That didn't do much at all except make me red.  Three months in to this process and I went to see a doctor at Kaiser Cosmetic Services in Santa Rosa to see if I was a candidate for Fraxel-a laser treatment that targets melasma, acne scars and even wrinkles.

He told me I prob would be a candidate for it but that it was expensive (about $900 a treatment-in my case I could probably do 1 or 2 treatments) and that I might be better off trying the Obagi NuDerm System first since I wasn't on any serious skin care regiment.  Got it on sale, 20% off, so I started my $274 journey on Monday, December 5, 2011.
Dec 5, 2011-Before Pic
Uneven skin tone, melasma, acne scars.
More prevalent that  1 yr ago.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Now Offering Botox & Restylane at Studio 128

Geyserville's Premier Hair Salon

with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Daane, M.D.

Sunday, May 22, 2011    12pm-4pm

Studio 128 is now offering Botox & Restylane appointments with 
board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Daane, M.D.  

Dr. Daane is the chief of plastic surgery at Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland.

He also maintains a private aesthetic plastic surgery office in San Franciciso.

Please join us Sunday, May 22nd for a private appointment with Dr. Daane at Studio 128.

$300 for 25 units of Botox
$320-$450 for .4ml - 1 ml of Resylane

Appointments MUST be made prior to May 22nd.
Space is limited.

Please direct all questions and appointments to Syreeta at Dr. Daane's office.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Bye, Bye Dry

All you ever wanted to know about dandruff, and then some!

Think you've got dandruff or dry scalp?  Let me tell ya two important things to remember.

1.  You are not alone.  (Nearly every person who walks into the salon is dealing with it right now.)
2.  You can manage it.  (Read on…)

Do I have Dandruff or Dry Scalp?

Dandruff scalp
Dandruff is a clinical condition called Pityriasis and is mainly caused by overproduction of sebum (oil) in the sebaceous glands on the scalp.  Genetic disposition, hair type that is very dense and doesn’t allow proper aeration of scalp, and thick balms and gels can trap bacteria which create dandruff.  Dandruff is NOT white and NOT flakey like you see on the Head and Shoulders commercials.  Due to the combo of sebum, sweat and products, it is usually yellow or orange, clings to the scalp and covers wide areas.

Dry Scalp
Dry scalp is what we most commonly see in the salon.  It occurs due to the under secretion of the sebaceous glands.  The glands are dehydrated causing dry skin on the scalp which results in scaly white flakes which can be sloughed off.  You are most likely to have dry scalp if you live or have spent time in a cold, dry climate zone.  This is why dry scalp is more prevalent in the winter.  And this is why we see so much dry scalp in our salon which is located in a cold, dry climate zone! (You may also be susceptible to dry scalp in the summer when the AC is blasting in your office all day.)  Remember, a nutritional deficiency is another cause behind dry scalp.  Lack of fatty acids, dehydration and caffeine can contribute to dry scalp problems.

Diagnosis complete…now what?!

Treament is quite easy and when possible go the home remedy route.  If you think you have dandruff, most of the anti dandruff shampoos on the market will take care of you problem ie: Head and Shoulders, Neutrogena T-Gel etc.  If you have severe dandruff you should see a dermatologist. 

Otherwise, we don’t suggest using anti dandruff shampoos for those who have dry scalp.  In fact, those shampoos can just perpetuate the problem because they contain alcohol which dries out the sebaceous glands even more.   Here are some simple steps to follow:
  •         Wash your hair as needed. 
  •      Avoid using an abundance of products in your hair until you get the problem under control. 
  •      Condition your hair and use the conditioner ON the scalp, massaging it into the skin.  (Yes, I know we don’t normally suggest this because it’s harder to create volume on over-moisturized hair, but in this case your head needs the moisture.)
  •      BRUSH your head.  Not just your hair strands.  Brush the scalp to help loosen the flakes, improve circulation and encourage sebum to the surface.  (Remember the old adage? Brush your hair 100 strokes per day.)
  •      (Here’s my personal favorite.)  Brush your scalp gently to loosen the flakes and then use olive oil, vitamin E oil, or massage oil and rub it in gently all over the scalp with your fingertips.  You can even heat it up if you’d like.  Let it soak in for 15-20 minutes or even better, overnight.  Just make sure to cover your head with a scarf and use an old pillow case that night.  Then brush your scalp lightly and shampoo.  You may need to shampoo your hair two times.  Follow with conditioner.
  •      While you are trying to remedy the dry scalp, use the blow dryer on the low heat setting, avoid over styling with products, don’t scratch or pick at your scalp and opt for lukewarm water in the shower vs. steaming hot water.

Of course eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies helps the appearance of skin (and scalp!) in general, along with supplements like Vitamin E and Fish Oils.  Always consult your doctor if your problem persists.
Ahhhh, normal scalp!
Here’s to a happy, healthy, flake free scalp!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss!

Often my clients who have been pregnant lament, "my hair was so thick and lush when I was pregnant because of the prenatal vitamins. Then I had the baby and it all fell out!"

I'm sure prenatal vitamins benefit your hair too but read on to get the real truth about that thick pregnancy hair and why it all fell out.

There are 3 phases of hair growth for your hair.  In a nut-shell:
Anagen:  the active growing phase of your hair.  The avg. person's head hair grows 1/2" per month.
Catagen: the "resting" phase which occurs for about 2-3 months.  The hair stops growing.
Telogen: the stage in which hair is shed, or falls out.  It is very normal to shed up to 100 hairs per day for a non-pregnant person.

TRUE:  during pregnancy your hair may appear thicker.  This is because higher hormone levels prevent normal hair loss.  Your hair tends to stay in the Catagen phase longer and fewer hairs fall out each day which cause your hair to seem thicker.

Once you have the baby, your body and hair will try to return to pre-pregnancy shape.  A few months after having the baby many women notice more hair falling out.  This is NORMAL and  happens because the Catagen (resting) phase shortens and the normal hair loss that was delayed by pregnancy tends to take place all at once.  If gobs of hair come out in the shower, know that it's just your hair trying to get back to it's normal growth cycle. While some of your hair is falling out, new hair is growing in.  See Katie Holmes below and this will all make sense.
The entire Holmes-Cruise family sported short 'dos at thier '06 wedding.
Check out Katie's baby bangs. (New growth where Telogen occurred.)
I cropped some bangs to hide the significant hair loss around my temples after baby #2.
Tawny (left) was preggers here, probably enjoying her thick, lush hair. :)
Some clients have chosen to cut their hair shorter, or add layers to increase fullness.  Others, like me, cut bangs to help disguise the "baby hairs" and hair loss around the face.  I have known clients whose hair is normally curly, go straight and straight haired clients go wavy or curly.  Hormones.  We can blame it on the hormones.  Luckily, there are beach waves and smoothing treatments, clip-in and permanent extensions, so a good remedy is at your nearest salon if you need it.  :)

Have patience, after a few months your hair will balance itself out. And If you are preggers now and loving your thick locks, just ENJOY them!

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Latisse-Day 62 & Eye Makeup Remover I Love

    Latisse-Day 1
    My ever faithful journey with Latisse, the prescription eyelash lengthing and thickening product, continues!  The picture below was taken on day 62, once again with no makeup, just me and my lashes.  I have definitely noticed a difference.  My lashes, especially on the end corners, are much longer and starting to thicken.  Each bottle of Latisse is 3ml and lasts two months and costs about $120 per bottle. I got mine for less because I bought two bottles at Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa.  I am now on my second bottle and will continue to apply one drop of Latisse to a clean, sterile brush (included) to each lash line, each night, for 2 more months. 
    Latisse-Day 62

    According to the Rx clinical studies, 78% of patients saw increased lash length and thickness by week 16.  Once I complete my 16 week trial, I can then go on the “maintenance” plan and apply Latisse every other day or every two days. 

    So what is the growth phase and time line of an eyelash?
    Just like the hair on our head, our eyelashes go through 3 stages of growth. 
    Stage 1:  Anagen-the active growing phase that lasts 30-45 days (much shorter than the growing phase of scalp hairs which is 2-6 years!) 
    Stage 2:  Catagen-the stage of transition where the eyelash is no longer growing, but where the sheath of the eyelash attaches to the hair’s root.    
    Stage 3: Telogen-the fall out stage or the hair’s resting phase where it’s just sort of hanging out and looking pretty.  An eyelash hair will rest for about 100 days before falling out on its own.

    Lashes will fall out during Telogen, but also from tugging on lashes or wiping them too vigorously when removing makeup.  My advice is to avoid tugging or wiping your lashes to roughly by using a gentle oil-free eye makeup remover whenever taking off eyemakeup.  If it’s the kind that you put on a cotton ball, douse it generously and then hold it to your eye for a few seconds before wiping away traces of mascara, eyeliner etc.  

    Trust me, I don’t get paid to say this but a few of my all time favorite eye makeup removers are:  Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover by Mary Kay $15 (3.75 fl.oz).  I use this every night and one bottle lasts me about 3 months.  (Peggy is a great MK consultant if you’d like a recommendation.  I can get you her info.).  
    Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover $26 (4.2 fl. Oz.) and Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($6.49 – 8.49 for 25 toweletts.) for traveling.  They come in a regular, sensitive and hydrating formulas and you don’t have to worry about putting them in your carry-on luggage since they are not liquid.   

    Let me know what eye makeup remover you love and where we can get it!  More pics to come as I round out my trial study of Latisse.  And most importantly, I tell you if I think it's REALLY worth the $$.

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Oh Baby Bangs!

    Does your little girl's hair look like this?  
    This is my 18 month old baby with a full head of hair gone wild!

    So why don't I just cut this girl some bangs, right?  I mean, I do cut hair for a living!

    I have vowed to not to cut the dreaded, thick baby bangs on my daughters no matter how frustrated I get with their wild and crazy hair.  Read on....

    My signature 'do.  8 yrs old.
    Think back to your youth and that awesome bowl cut you sported!  (Please tell me that wasn’t just me.)  Those bangs I had definitely started from the center of my head.  Sorry mom, I know you loved that 'do.  The grow out process was challenging to say the least.  (See awkward picture below.)  
    1989-growing out the bangs and the year my now-husband
    fell in love with me.  Go figure!

    All of Ivy's hair grows forward from the swirl
    at the top of her head.
    Natually, our hair really grows in a swirl (for some people that would be swirlsssss) hence the natural cow licks we have.  From this swirl our hair wants to grow straight forward and into our eyes.  As we get older and grow more hair we can part, brush and train the hair to fall to the sides and back.  But our little bitty girls have such fine hair that no matter how hard we try, it often just falls right into their eyes.

    To avoid having to grow out the thick bangs later, you must refrain from cutting what you THINK would be bangs.  Check out the video, starring me and Ivy Jo, for more detailed info.
    Baby Bangs Video!

    If your baby won’t wear hair clippies, neither of my girls will, then try for the top knot.  The clear rubber bands work great and don’t hurt when you take them out.  Better yet, they are about $1 for 100 at Sally’s Beauty.

    Your child may have to sport this top knot until her hair grows in enough to start combing it down and to the sides.  Then, you’ll see some baby hairs growing in and THOSE my friends are the real bangs! 

    Check out the "real" bangs that are growing in!  
    Now maybe, just maybe our daughter's won't blame us for the awkward years...yeah right!